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Ireland: Back to My Culinary Roots

September 11-24, 2014 (Fully Booked)

Join Chef John Bishop as he ventures back to his Irish culinary roots. This carefully crafted tour highlights the very vest of culinary experiences ranging from traditional pub fare to gastronomic feasts. True to John’s passion, we will be sourcing locally produced foodstuffs and meeting with local farmers along the way.
From the spectacular coast of Northern Ireland to the charming, cobblestoned streets in the South, this two week tour offers the best that Ireland has to offer, including stays at the majestic Ashford Castle, grand country estates, and even a lakeside resort. Watch and listen as we weave together the history, culture and cuisine of John’s beloved Emerald Isle. Those with time on their side and a penchant for wild oysters are invited to join us for an optional 4 night extension to participate in the famous Galway Oyster festival. Does life get any better?

For information on the tour, please click HERE.

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