Fresh brings together more than 100 of John Bishop, Dennis Green, and Dawne Gourley’s award-winning recipes and some of the stories behind the ingredients. Sumptuously illustrated, it is an exquisite homage to local, sustainable food and the committed growers who raise it.

Simply Bishop’s

John Bishop and Chef Dennis Green are great chefs who have a real zest for learning more about food, and always trying new recipes.
They have long believed that simplicity in cooking is learning to let quality seasonal ingredients speak for themselves.
Here are more than 100 new, easy to prepare seasonal recipes with the trademark Bishop’s emphasis on flavour and texture.
There are many useful and friendly tips about selecting produce and preparation techniques, along with wine suggestions for entrées and a section on basic stocks.

Cooking at My House

For less demanding palates there are comfort foods from Bishop’s homeland: Welsh Cakes, Creamed Spinach, My Nana’s Piccalilli, Homemade Ginger Beer.
You’ll see what a man who serves some of the most discriminating palates in the world makes for his kids: Herb Roasted French Fries in a Paper Cone, Spring Rolls with Hoisin Sauce or Empanadas.
Cooking at My House is imbued with Bishop’s philosophy that graciousness and good taste are never wasted.

Bishop’s the Cookbook

John Bishop and his chefs take joy in creating innovative dishes in a style that is distinctively Pacific Northwest.
This book presents more than 120 favourite recipes from the highly regarded Bishop’s Restaurant.
Clear and complete directions will help less-experienced cooks while new ideas will inspire those more accomplished.
In addition, there are useful tips on varieties of vegetables and fruits, wine suggestions, cooking techniques and service.

Deconstructing supper

Wide-ranging one-hour documentary by Vancouver filmmaker Marianne Kaplan and producer Leonard Terhoch follows restaurateur / Chef John Bishop on a worldwide odyssey to discover the answer to a simple question: “In a brave new world of genetically modified products, what really are our food choices?”

For more information, ordering a copy, photos clips, interview opportunities, etc. contact:

Marianne Kaplan, MSK Productions Inc, 604 251 5994,

Bishop's Restaurant, Vancouver BC

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